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<div class="messagebox {{{class|}}}" style="background-color: {{{bgcolor|#f9f6b7}}}; border: 1px solid {{{bdcolor|#c4c295}}}; color: {{{fgcolor|black}}}; padding: 5px; margin: 1ex 0; min-height: {{{imgwidth|35}}}px; padding-left: {{#expr:{{{imgwidth|35}}}+10}}px; {{{style|}}}">
<div style="float: left; margin-left: -{{#expr:{{{imgwidth|35}}}+5}}px;">[[Image:{{{image|Important.png}}}|{{{imgwidth|35}}}px]]</div>
| =
| type = content
| text = '''<translate><!--T:1--> IMPORTANT:</translate>''' <translate><!--T:2--> The content of this page is outdated.</translate> {{#if:{{{reason|}}}|{{{reason}}}|{{#if: {{{1|}}}|<translate><!--T:3--> Please '''[[<tvar|1>{{{1}}}</>|check the English reference]]''' version.</translate>}} }} <translate><!--T:4--> If you have checked or updated this page and found the content to be suitable, please remove this notice.</translate>
  |{{#if:{{{1|}}}|[[Category:Outdated translations{{#translation:}}]]|[[Category:Outdated pages{{#translation:}}]]}}
| #default=
  {{#invoke:Template translation|renderTranslatedTemplate|template=Template:Outdated|noshift=1}}
{{ {{TNTN|Documentation}} |content=
== Usage == <!--T:5-->
=== Out-of-date English content === <!--T:6-->
For English pages that contain out-of-date information, simply add the template to the top of the page (or section if it only applies to part of the page).</translate>
The template will be displayed as shown at the top of this page.</translate>
You can also specify a reason:
<nowiki>{{Outdated|reason=MediaWiki doesn't run under XYZ Server anymore.}}</nowiki>
Which creates:
{{Outdated|reason=MediaWiki doesn't run under XYZ Server anymore.|nocat=1}}
=== Out-of-date translations === <!--T:11-->
For non-English pages that are out-of-date translations, include the name of the English-language page it was translated from.</translate>
The resulting banner will include a link to the source text, like this:
<nowiki>{{Outdated|Page name}}</nowiki>
<translate><!--T:14--> e.g.</translate> <nowiki>{{Outdated|Project:Language policy}}</nowiki>
{{Outdated|Project:Language policy|nocat=1}}
== See also == <!--T:16-->
* {{tl|Historical}}
* {{tl|Update}}
== Templatedata ==
"description": "",
"params": {
"1": {
"label": "Name of master English version",
"description": "Used for translation pages only. Provides a link to the master version in English, from which this page should be updated.",
"type": "wiki-page-name"
"reason": {
"label": "Reason",
"type": "content",
"suggested": true
[[Category:Alert templates{{#translation:}}|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Categorizing templates{{#translation:}}|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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