Spectrum Management

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Frequency Coordination

Frequency coordination is, preceding its use, the technical coordination of frequencies (including geostationary orbits) conducted by the authorities who are planning the radiocommunication network, on the basis of the Radio Regulation(RR) enacted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in order to prevent the frequencies radiocommunication networks from causing harmful interference to the networks of foreign counties.

ITU Radiocommunication Service

A radiocommunication service is – according to Article 1.19 of the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Radio Regulations (RR) – defined as «A service…involving the transmission, emission and/or reception of radio waves for specific telecommunication purposes.»

Satellite Service

Satellite services means communications capabilities that utilize an on-orbit satellite for transmitting the signal from one location to another. Those are the services that are of interest to the SatNOGS project.

The following are all the possible different satellite services:

ITU RR Article Description Short Links In SatNOGS DB
1.21 Fixed-satellite service FSS Main article: Fixed-satellite service YES
1.22 Inter-satellite service ISS Main article: Inter-satellite service YES
1.23 Space operation service SOS Main article: Space operation service YES
1.25 Mobile-satellite service MSS Main article: Mobile-satellite service YES
1.29 Maritime mobile-satellite service MMSS Main article: Maritime mobile-satellite service YES
1.35 Aeronautical mobile-satellite service AMSS Main article: Aeronautical mobile-satellite service YES
1.39 Broadcasting-satellite service BSS Main article: Broadcasting-satellite service YES
1.43 Radionavigation-satellite service RNSS Main article: Radionavigation-satellite service YES
1.49 Radiolocation-satellite service RLSS Main article: Radiolocation-satellite service YES
1.51 Earth exploration-satellite service EESS Main article: Earth exploration-satellite service YES
1.52 Meteorological-satellite service Main article: Meteorological-satellite service YES
1.54 Standard frequency and time signal-satellite service SFTSS Main article: Standard frequency and time signal-satellite service YES
1.55 Space research service SRS Main article: Space research service YES
1.57 Amateur-satellite service Amateur-satellite Main article: Amateur-satellite service YES

SatNOGS Policy

In Libre Space Foundation we take frequency coordination, spectrum management and violations very seriously. Radio spectrum is a finite resource and we need to follow international regulations and practices to ensure fair access and usage of frequencies as services.