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This manual is intended for SatNOGS Moderators. For a guide on how to add your mission to SatNOGS see Satellite Operator Guide


This manual assumes you have SatNOGS moderator access on Network and DB. If you don't please reach out to our channels for gaining access and helping with SatNOGS Operations!

Adding a new Satellite

0. Should we add it?

In principle SatNOGS DB aims to capture all information about satellites regardless of their origin, ownership or purpose. So the simple answer is "Yes you should add it". That said we do prioritize the satellites that can be (and will be) tracked by the SatNOGS Network and especially the ones that have been pro-active in reaching out and sharing as much information as possible.

1. Find new satellites

Besides the missions that will actively reach out to us by filling issues in satnogs-ops repo, we need to track launch activity to ensure we are adding new satellites in our DB. Some resources for tracking launches:

Tip: As of 2020 we are not adding any swarm satellite entries (e.g. Starlink, OneWeb etc)

2. File the issues in satnogs-ops

Once you have the information it is needed then navigate to satnogs-ops repo and open new issues containing all the information needed.

New issue on satnogs-ops

Some websites and online resources for digging up information (if not already provided by the mission teams):

3. Add satellite in DB

4. Add and approve transmitters in DB

5. Sync SatNOGS Network

Go to Network Site Settings and click on "Sync"

6. Update provisional TLEs (~12 hours before launch)

  • Acquire provisional TLEs (either constructed from the community or shared by the launch provider)
    • You can verify the integrity of the TLE here and here
  • Go to "Add new TLE" on
    • Fill out the TLE (don't forget the TLE 0 line too)
    • Enter "manual" as source
    • Save the TLE
  • Go to "Satellites" in Admin of
    • Find and Edit your satellite
    • Check "Manual TLE" field
    • Save the Satellite

7. Schedule LEOP

8. Review results