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SatNOGS DB is an effort to create an hollistic, unified, global transmitter database for all satellite transmitters. You can export the data or even connect your application using our API. It's part of the SatNOGS project.


The DB is open to everyone. Anyone is able to submit suggestions or use the existing Transmitters. All data are public and freely under the Creative Commons Atribution-Share Alike license.


Docker Installation

VirtualEnv Installation



Fluent in Python and/or JS? We need you to help with satnogs-db web application. Take a look to our source code or visit our issues tracker to start filling bugs, feature requests or code fixes for existing ones.

Suggesting transmitters

Detailed instructions on suggesting transmitters can be found here.

Approving transmitters

If you are a moderator you can approved suggestions for transmitters. For that follow the instructions:

  1. Login in
  2. Navigate to (if you are seeing a login screen, you are either not logged in or dont have moderator permissions)
  3. Click on Base::Suggestions
  4. Click on the suggestion you want to review and carefully check the data, especially through the citation URL
  5. When you are ready to approve or delete the suggestion go back on the full list of suggestions
  6. Select the suggestions you want to act upon and from the drop down above either approve them or reject them
  7. You are done!

Adding Satellites