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Documentation is always welcome. Here's how you can contribute:

  • Edit this wiki! If you see something out of date, or don't see a page, create an account and get started!
  • Submit pull requests to the Gitlab Read The Docs repository
  • Much information about the SatNOGS project is in the SatNOG discussion forums, and can be recorded in the wiki or other documentation sites
  • Porting tutorials from to the ohai site

Note: documentation for the SatNOGS project can be a little hard to track down. Here's an outline of what's meant to go where:

  • should act as a minimal reference, pointing to where documentation can be found
  • will include step-by-step instructions with pictures for mechanical and electronics (rotator, antennae etc); this will replace the documentation currently hosted at
  • is a Read The Docs instance that will host all software-related documentation (client, network, database)
  • this wiki will be a reference for all the glue (how-tos etc), detailing versions and SatNOGS hardware too.