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Main Page The current front page with obvious links is fit for purpose. Therefore, no significant difference is proposed. A change to the linking will be required to align to the proposed structure. Other changes such as including mechanical drawings of the rotator and other visual improvements will not harm but are not crucial for now.

Purpose A new page to explain what SatNOGS is and how it fits in with the overall Libre Space organisation. Some detail on the Hackaday prize and some history / development of mechanical and web stuff.

Libre Space What is libre space? Why are they doing it? How does SatNOGS fit in? Academic research – current page with links could be consolidated into a section. Links as before but with a more appropriate referencing (Harvard?)

Build Software

Database Explain the database and where it gets it data from Contributing – how to do it and what needs doing API – what it does and doesn’t provide Installation Client o Preferred platform – RPi 3 o Image o Installation o Initial setup o Updating o Testing Hardware Antennas o Type – helical vs yagi vs turnstile etc – some basic antenna theory o Helical design –explaining RHCP & LHCP / refer out to Wikipedia pages o Yagi design – as above o Turnstile design – as above Electronics o PCB – fabrication and population o SDR – RTL dongles, Pluto SDR, SDR play i.e. what hardware works and what doesn’t Rotator o Basis of design o Parts make / buy o Mechanical assembly o Final assembly and offline testing (Generally referred to as setting to work – i.e. a script to test system. Travel , limits etc) o Online testing

Operate Development environment Scheduling and verifying observation o Current page is great, may benefit from a few additional images Production environment o Moving from a development to a production ground station

Support Troubleshooting o Common assembly issues o Common client issues o Common observation issues

Other places for help o Community o Matrix

Notes: 1. This proposal is only my opinion. Not based on much other than trying to find stuff. So no reason why alternative solutions wouldn’t be better. 2. This does not intend to break links or completely re-write pages, there is some good stuff in there that needs to be preserved. 3. I have no idea what language is used in wiki so forgive me if the terms are not correct.