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Type: No-Rotator ground station for SatNOGS network.
Release Information
Status: Working
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No-Rotator ground station it uses a static antenna usually in VHF. A Turnstile antenna that tuned at ~137MHz is used for NOAA satellites. Some Turnstile antenna designs, it's wide enough to receive VHF band at 144 - 146 MHz. For more vertical satellite passes, UHF Helical antennas receives satellites at 432 - 438 MHz, e.g. [1]

Same setup could be used for a ground station with rotator.

Bill of Materials

The materials are categorized into 3 groups:

  • RF components
  • Client components
  • Hardware components
Part Qty Source Price ($)
RTL-SDR 1 [2] 21
SMA Male to SMA Male Connector Pigtail Cable 1 [3] 1
LNA with FM-Notch 1 [4] 35