Metal antenna rotator

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To build this metal antenna rotator you will need a welder.

Bill of materials

Part Qty Source Price per Unit ($)
Nema23 stepper motor - Wormgear 60:1 2 [1][2]
Bearing for the az axis 100x135x25 mm 1 [3]
Stepper motor driver 2 [4]

Test and setup

rotctl -r /dev/ttyUSB1 -m 202 -s 19200 -t10

-t is to use \n as end of cmd

To test you will need to : type P<enter>

then give position

The motors should move, if not check connexions.

Then you have to check that the endstop are working: type IP1<enter> type IP2<enter>

If the result end with ',0', and the endstop is not activated, its good. (if it's not good, revese them in the config)

If the two endstops are at 0 when reset, the homing will be peformed. Homing is alway in the opposide way of the motor (-max angle)