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Welcome to the SatNOGS community! Here you can find all info to get you started.

Who are you

Radio Amateur

Most members of SatNOGS community are radio amateur operators licensed in may different countries around the world.

Satellite enthusiast

You love space and space data? SatNOGS is just the project for you! There are many learning opportunities around our community, and you can start easily with accessible projects, while you gradually become a space expert!

Satellite operator

You have your own satellite project, that's awesome! Many SatNOGS ground stations are built by satellite operators to gain extended access on their satellite telemetry and use the stations for telecommand and control.

Join the community

Once you selected your setup, make sure to get connected with fellow SatNOG-ers:

  1. Sign up for our newsletter.
  2. Join the community forums and announce yourself.
  3. Follow us on twitter, facebook, google+
  4. Create an account to SatNOGS DB and start contributing!