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Information on this page is outdated! Relevant information can be found through the menu at the top of the screen, and this page should be deleted someday.

SatNOGS includes an open-source modular software stack, developed from scratch or utilizing existing projects. The versatility of the architecture enables communication with existing software or easy development of custom software for specific needs.

For all following Software components you can select to either use the SatNOGS software of the equivalent software for non-networked operations.


Two options for tracking are available. Operators may use the popular GPredict for real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction or a custom build solution in Python that provides API for custom or remote unattended tracking. Both solutions are communicating with the mount using rotctld over Easycomm protocol.

SatNOGS tracking software

Web services

The main parts of SatNOGS web services are the Network, for orchestrating the network of distributed ground stations, and DB, for crowdsourcing Transmitter data.