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Thanks for your interest on building a satellite ground station! First things first you need to understand all the different components of a ground station. Head over to # to read more about ground stations. Once you familiarized yourself with all the components you need to make a selection on what you are going to be building (and/or buying). Below you can find a table outlining all the different options.



A satellite ground station is made up from different parts. The following diagram can help you select your setup based on your needs and/or your existing setup.

Control Software Host Software Host Computer Rotator Radio Antenna
SatNOGS Network SatNOGS Client Embedded PC SatNOGS Rotator SDR Yagi
Other Software Regular PC Commercial Rotator Transceiver Helical
No rotator Vertical
Use the above table to select your setup. E.g. SatNOGS Network > SatNOGS Client > RaspberryPi > Yaesu G550 > Kenwood TS2000 > UHF helical & VHF Cross Yagi

Next steps

Once you have a ground station ready, you should go ahead and operate it! More info can be found on Operation wiki page.