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Bill of Materials (BOM)

The following items will be needed in order to complete the v3 build. They are split into the Azimuth and elevation sections

Azimuth Need link to spreadsheet

Elevation Need link to spreadsheet

Build Sequence

For the v3 build sequence go here[1]

Sources for parts

3d Printing at a Fab Lab- If you don't have your own 3d printer then a local Fab Lab may be able to do it for you. Fab Labs are places that have invested in the machinery and you can take the designs to them. Generally they need .stl files to import into the software that runs the machines but this should be discussed with the Fab Lab. You then pay for the colume of material or tme or a combination of the two for each of the parts [2]

T Slot - If you don't want to cut the pieces yourself then here is a UK supplier[3] Hidden corner connectors - AliExpress gave the cheapest supplier

Stepper Motors - eBay

Belts - eBay

Fixings - eBay