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Antennas developed and used by SatNOGS rotators

SatNOGS antennas

To cover the needs of the SatNOGS community the SatNOGS team has developed a number of antennas.


A Yagi antenna is the simplest antenna for the novice maker.

Cross Yagi UHF v1

A cross Yagi UHF antenna.

Helical v1

The first iteration of our helical UHF antenna allows users to create their own helical antenna design using only 3D printed parts. It is tuned for 437 MHz.

Helical v4

This iteration is more rigid, but you need to have access to CNCed parts.

Helical v5

This iteration is our latest version of the Helical antenna design; it comes in RHCP configuration. The supports are made from aluminum, and will require a drill press.

Commercial Antennas

Arrow II Satellite Antenna

DIY Antenna designs