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I'm not familiar enough to just edit the page itself, but in grabbing the initial image to set up my station, I noted this doesn't make sense:

You can download the latest Raspbian SatNOGS image following the links from the latest tag on GitLab. This image has the SatNOGS setup script installed, the SSH server enabled and all required packages preinstalled. Click on the cloud icon and then click "Download release". You will get an file:

Clicking the big Download link gives me an file. I can't find the cloud icon or "Download release" link after clicking through to GitLab. --Matburnham 18:36, 1 April 2020 (UTC)

Welcome in the Wiki Matburnham!
Indeed, the Gitlab user interface changed and there is no cloud icon anymore. I just updated the Download section to reflect the current situation better. Feel free to edit it as well. Thanks for noticing this and writing here.
PS: Tbh this is the first time I'm using a talk page in the SatNOGS wiki and I only found your message by chance. If you don't get answers in the talk pages, consider to write in the forum or via the chat, this will reach a broader audience. --Kerel+satnogs 00:24, 6 April 2020