Fldigi CW

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In this example, Fldigi is being used to decode the CW beacon from the 33499 - KKS-1 satellite. The center frequency is set for 800Hz and the morse code rate set around 15 +/- 2 WPM.


How to

  • Download the .ogg file from the observation. The downloaded file will have a filename that looks like this: satnogs_ObservationNumber_YYYY-MM-DD-SomeMoreStuff.ogg.
  • Convert the captured .ogg audio file to .wav. On a Linux command line, the conversion looks like this:
$ sox satnogs_ObservationNumber_YYYY-MM-DD-SomeMoreStuff.ogg ObservationAudio.wav

Or with vorbis-tools installed on Debian:

$ oggdec satnogs_ObservationNumber_YYYY-MM-DD-SomeMoreStuff.ogg
  • Launch Fldigi.
  • Click on File, Audio, Playback. Then select the .wav file.
  • Set Op Mode to CW.
  • Adjust the center frequency to where the CW signal appears on the waterfall display.
  • Configure modems, CW, General. Set the BW and WPM to match the signal you want to decode. Save, close.