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In SatNOGS project, Artifacts are the results of an observation. Artifacts are generated by SatNOGS GNU Radio Flowgraphs. A quick introduction on SatNOGS Flowgraphs can be found in Understanding_satnogs-flowgraphs guide.

Current Artifacts

I/Q Data

I/Q Data is a raw representation of the received signal. In SatNOGS project, it can be generated by SatNOGS client when the related flag is set (it is disabled by default). I/Q data, currently, are not uploaded in SatNOGS Network, however individual station owners keep and/or uploading I/Q data in other platforms.


Waterfall is a representation of frequency spectrum over the time of the observation. Waterfall covers a range of frequencies around the central frequency of the observation. In SatNOGS Network, Waterfall can be found in waterfall tab of an observation in an image file format.


Audio is a lossy compression of the I/Q Data artifact in a format that is audible. In some cases audio can be used for demodulating/decoding signal with external software. In SatNOGS Network, Audio can be found in audio tab of an observation in a .ogg file format presented by waveform and spectrogram.

Demodulated/Decoded Frame

Demodulated/Decoded Frame is the result of demodulation/decoding of a transmitted signal of a satellite. In SatNOGS Network, Demodulated/Decoded Frame can be found in data tab of an observation in a text of hex values format.

Decoded Image

Decoded Image is the result of decoding of an image transmitted by a satellite. In SatNOGS Network, Decoded Image can be found in data tab in an image file format.