SatNOGS Client Ansible

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SatNOGS Client Ansible is the suggested method to install SatNOGS Client (and friends) to any Debian-based system.


For Raspberry Pi 3, which is the reference platform for SatNOGS, a Raspbian image with SatNOGS Client Ansible pre-installed is available.


These sections contains generic instructions for installing SatNOGS Client on any Debian-based system.


  • A user which is member of 'sudo' group exists on the target system
  • An SSH server running on the target system
  • A host system with Git and latest version of Ansible installed


On the host system run the following commands:

$ git clone    # Clone SatNOGS Client Ansible repository
$ cd satnogs-client-ansible                              # Change to cloned repository directory
$ cp -r production.dist production                       # Copy dist configuration
$ vi production/inventory/hosts                          # Update file with your own target host, user and SSH password
$ ssh youruser@yourtargetsystem true                     # Test SSH connection to target system
$ ansible-playbook -i production/inventory -K site.yml   # Run Ansible playbook
$ ssh -t youruser@yourtargetsystem sudo satnogs-setup    # Setup SatNOGS client