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The SatNOGS Client uses hamlib to speak to a rotator. With this, we are able to support almost any commercially available rotator, and have the flexibility to support home built rotators that implement protocols like EasyComm or Yaesu GS-232.

If you would rather start with a stationary antenna setup (no rotator), see our omnidirectional guide.

Commercial Rotators

Homebuilt Rotators


Yaesu G-5500

The G-5500 is a common rotator for amateur radio AZ/EL applications. The SatNOGS client interfaces with this rotator via the hamlib library. While a commercial computer interface is available from Yaesu, the SatNOGS project provides an open hardware design that is much cheaper.

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SatNOGS Rotator v2

The v2 rotator is not recommended, as v3 provides much greater strength and durability. These docs remain for historical purposes.

Portable Rotation.jpg

Portable Rotation AZ/EL

Docs to be written, but we do have successful stations using this rotator with the SatNOGS client.


SatNOGS Rotator v3

The v3 rotator is a complete overhaul on the v2 design. The 2020 slotted extrusion frame and larger gears provide for a stronger rotator with greater wind loading.

Alfa Spid.jpg

Alfa Spid X-Y