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|type= Az/El
|type= Az/El
|cost=900 USD
|cost=750 USD
|status= Production
|status= Production

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Yaesu G-5500
Yaesu G-5500
Rotator Information
Type: Az/El
Cost: 750 USD
Release Information
Status: Production
Latest Release: [{{{latest-release}}} {{{latest-release-name}}}]
Repository: [N/A]
Documentation: [1]


G-5000 AZ/EL is a rotator built by Yaesu.


The Azimuth Rotator features a turning range of 450°, while the Elevation Rotator has a rotation range of 180°.

Control Electronics

Yaesu sells a computer control device, the G-232A. Since then many alternative, more cost-efficient alternatives have appeared on the home brew market. The SatNOGS project has an arduino shield that, when combined with K3NG Arduino code, can act as a Yaesu G-5500 controller for little cost. See the arduino shield.


See Yaesu's documentation at http://www.yaesu.com/downloadFile.cfm?FileID=8814&FileCatID=155&FileName=G%2D5500%5FIM%5FENG%5FE12901004.pdf&FileContentType=application%2Fpdf