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Antennas developed and used by SatNOGS rotators

SatNOGS antennas

To cover the needs of the SatNOGS community the SatNOGS team has developed a number of antennas.


A Yagi antenna is the simplest antenna for the novice maker.

Cross Yagi UHF v1

A cross Yagi UHF antenna.

  • Design files: v1

Helical v1

The first iteration of our helical UHF antenna allows users to create their own helical antenna design using only 3D printed parts.

  • Design files: [1]
  • Assembly instructions: [2]

Helical v2

The second iteration is more rigid, but you need to have access to CNCed parts.

  • Design files: [3]
  • Assembly instructions: [4]

Commercial Antennas

Arrow II Satellite Antenna

DIY Antenna designs