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This is a non-exhaustive list of research papers that cite the SatNOGS projects. Some papers are describing the project and its subprojects in-depth; others mention SatNOGS in passing. If you are familiar with any other research paper that mentions SatNOGS, don't hesitate to add it to the list!


Telecommunications and Disaster management:Participatory approaches and climate change adaptation Marta Poblet, Hartmut Fünfgeld, Ian McShane (RMIT University)


Identification, Location, and Reception of Low Earth Orbit Satellites (LEO) Signals Jose Eduardo Oros, Javier Trejo, Ante Salcedo (Digital Systems Department, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico)

Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Parallel Satellite Reception in Mobile/Deployable Ground Segments Mamatha R. Maheshwarappa, Christopher P. Bridges (University of Surrey) Mark Bowyer (Airbus Defence and Space Ltd)

SatNOGS:Satellite Networked Open Ground Station Daniel J. White, Ph.D., AD/0CQ (Valparaiso University) Ioannis Giannelos, Agisilaos Zissimatos, Eleftherios Kosmas, Dimitrios Papadeas, Pierros Papadeas, Matthaios Papamathaiou, Nikolaos Roussos, Vasileios Tsiligiannis, Ioannis Charitopoulos (Libre Space Foundation)

A Distributed Software Framework for the Virginia Tech Ground Station Paul U. David (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Collaborative peer production as an alternative to hierarchical internet based business systems Ganesh G., Debanjum Singh Solanky, Govindaraj R (Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), Chennai Centre, CSIR Madras Complex)

Valparaiso University College of Engineering SatNOGS Open-Sourced Satellite Ground Station:UHF and VHF Antenna Theory and Construction Thomas M. Biedron, Jonathon Clabuesch (Valparaiso University)


Implementation of an Actor Framework for a Ground Station Paul David, Seth Hitefield, Zach Leffke, William C. Headley, Robert W. McGwier (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

SatNOGS Website Project] Dylan Snyder, Adya Pandey, Caitlyn Marko, John Eric Tiessen, Dr. Nicholas Rosasco (Valparaiso University)

Connecting the Dots: Informing Location-Based Services of Space Usage Rules Pavel Andreevich Samsonov (Expertise Center for Digital MediaHasselt University - tUL – iMinds)

SatNOGS Project Ashley LeBlanc, John White, Chris Paradiso, Grace Freigang, Paul Flaten, Dan White, PhD (Valparaiso University)


System overview of the Virginia Tech Ground Station Seth Hitefield, Zach Leffke, Michael Fowler, Robert W. McGwier (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

Software defined radio (SDR) architecture for concurrent multi-satellite communications. Maheshwarappa Mamatha (University of Surrey)

Les développeurs, une nouvelle classe sociale? Paris Chrysos (Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris)

Improvements in CPU & FPGA Performance for Small Satellite SDR Applications Mamatha R. Maheshwarappa, Christopher P. Bridges (University of Surrey) Mark Bowyer (Airbus Defence and Space Ltd)

Design, analysis and optimization of a micro-satellite for the study of lower thermosphere and re-entry conditions Andreas G. Ampatzoglou (University of Patras)

A Prototype of an Integrated Telemetry Receiving System with Volunteers: Designs of a Simple Receiver, a Protocol, and an Intelligent Information Processing Masahiro Tokumitsu, Masaki Kusakabe, Souta Ogura (Department of Electrical and Control Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Yonago College,) Fumio Asai, Satoshi Aoki (Department of Computer Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Nara College) TakuTakada (Department of Social Design Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Kochi College) Makoto Wakabayashi (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Niihama College,) Yoshiteru Ishida (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology)

Ground station considerations for the AMOS satellite programme Øyvind Karlsen Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Masters Thesis)

SDR for Space, the open way Manolis Surligas, Kostis Triantafillakis and George Vardakis, Libre Space Foundation, University of Crete, Computer Science Department

Training the future ICT innovators on open science platform A.Kondoro, D.Rwegasira, A.Kelati, H.Tenhunen KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm V. Taajamaa Turku University S. Naiman, N. Mvungi University of Dar es Salaam I. Ben Dhaou College of Engineering, Qassim University

2018 (pre-published)

Doing Science with Nano-satellites Gregorio A., Cuttin A., Fragiacomo M., Messerotti M. (Department of PhysicsUniversity of Trieste, PicoSaTs SRL, INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste, Department of Engineering and ArchitectureUniversity of Trieste)